I always feel so blessed to be alive, Because I know that at any moment this might change…… As we never know when our live get altered in the blink of an eye….

PS photo credit :: Google


16 thoughts on “Thought #01

  1. Dear Sir Ajaz! 😀

    I strictly order you to take that silly bullet-pusher off from your head! It does not do you one single morsel of justice! On the contrary, if my interpretations have been abysmally off target and that what you depict is in fact a plastic water pistol and you are simply attempting to refresh your perspiring cranium, then, by all means, be my guest! Men these days, indeed!! 😛

    Let the locomotion of that pen never run dry!
    Mazzy 😀 😀 😀

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    1. Ahhhh…. Thanku so much Mazzy…
      Sure, anytime! But plz don’t make me go BLUSHING always!! Everytm u come with ur word’s…. Ur word’s always put a smile on my face…
      Nways how are you by the way??

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      1. Dear Sir Ajaz 😀

        You are superlatively very welcome, my dear fine fellow! 😀 It is funny that you should ask me about my day because today I am indeed extremely happy! 😀 I seem to have yellow and orange sparklers flying out of from the tips of my toes and fingers, and the reason for it is a magical one. You see, one of my adorable students with Down’s Syndrome, her name is Aimee, made a card for me that contained inside it more kisses than an entire sky at night as seen in the countryside – without the blotting effects of artificial light! 😀 I have stuck it on my bedroom wall. A papery trophy worth more than bog-standard diamonds and gold! 😀

        Is that a photograph of a fire-breathing dragon or a man who has swallowed the funnel of a steam-train? Giggle! 😛

        To pens and the seven seas of paper!
        Mazzy 😀 😀 😀

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      2. Ahhhh I guess today was ur lucky day …nways….Hav some mercy on my cheeks too!! U always makes me laugh…. How can u be this to me….. U r indeed an adorable reader, I have ever met in this world….. who nevr run out of words….U always tries to f9 stories in every picture….this was something I love the most….. Omg n 4 the last past….the picture here is of a guy breathing fire…..lol…. Cheers \m/

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      3. Dear Sir Ajaz! 😀

        What a jolly old caddie of praises! Thank you so very much! 😀 I am excitedly moved by them and since my family are sat nearby I should add that it is gloriously funny that they do not know about the effect of your moving words because I have not moved an inch from my armchair! 😛

        As for stories, they spring up everywhere for me. I must not have an optical shelf of cones and rods, but of pens and pencils and other odd bits of stationery together with a library all tucked away inside my eyeballs! Funny that the optician never mentions anything of it! 😛

        Gratitude to my adorable listener!
        Mazzy 😀 😀 😀

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  2. Though life seems tumultuous, it is a blessing to keep breathing. Because the truth of death is hovering, it doesn’t mean we don’t value the gift of life.
    So, keep off such scary pictures! 😮😒

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    1. Hahahaha! Hey I m not going to leave u guys without sharing all such mad thoughts wandering in my brain? So…don’t worry my dear frn Nways thanku so much 4 ur words, Syeda…by the way I have remove the picture😝


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