Shillong Diary #07


PS This post is the continuation of ‘Shillong Diary series’ and those who haven’t read the early part can check it here…

Dated : 23-10-2015.

3 ::55pm

Amit :: “Well! Technical speaking techno does have poetry in it….but the main point is it helps me focus on my work”

Jyoti :: “Ok…this sounds pretty interesting…. I would surely give it a try”

Meanwhile, I opened my Facebook account and was browsing through it….

Jyoti :: “Talk something. I am bored. What are you browsing in your mobile?”

Amit :: “Ahhhh…..Facebook.”

Jyoti :: “Don’t use Facebook so often. You kind of, get addicted to it.”

Amit :: “I am already addicted…”

Just then Jyoti’s mobile rang. I could see the display which was showing “Mom”. She signalled me to keep quiet and attended the call.
Jyoti :: “Hey mom……..”

She moved further away from me. Once again, I started admiring her. I don’t know why but I had this strange kind of feelings that….. I was deeply enchanted by her. I was gradually giving away my heart to her.

Suddenly, I saw something magical….. she adjusting her hair by catching it between her fingers and shoved it behind her ear. It was at that moment I fell in love with her! I could easily say that it was love. I had been in a relationship which ended rather badly. So, I could say how being in love felt. The moment I laid my eyes on her in the bus stand, I could say that there was a magical link between us. But now, I realised it……..

To be continued…..

PS photo credit::: Google


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