“There was something about her- she looks cute, shes fair, n had the cutest smile – but hang on when did she smiled??? Well it would be great 2 see her smiling. She may be one of those scholar types nerds but she definitely doesn’t looks like one! I wish we bump once again. At least this time I will ask her name… but what if she doesn’t comes!!! Yaar – why am I thinking about her – She doesn’t even seems my type -” 

PS Photo Credit :: Google


23 thoughts on “Who is She…..

  1. Dear Sir Ajaz! 😀

    I shall try my utmost best to conjure up some constructive Good Magic so that a beautiful maiden walks soon into your life! 😀 Nothing gives me more rumbunctious joy than to see my fellow earthlings shine with the happiness that only derives when one meets their true Destiny! I have reunited lovers in the past and I am sure that I can repeat that wash cycle again! 😀

    Your humble Magic Maker!
    Mazzy 😀 😀 😀

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    1. My Dear Magic Maker,

      Itz always a great pleasure hearing ur magic words from ur end, well truly saying ur comments ofen strengthens the beauty of my post – thanku for always sharing ur heart without hesitation.
      Stay blessed,

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