Sometimes it’s easy 2 walk alone
Sometimes it’s gud 2 pretend 2 hav a heart of stone
Sometimes it’s easy 2 hold ur head high…
Sometimes it’s good 4 ur soul 2 cry…

PS Photo Credit :: Google


25 thoughts on “U r Growing Strong

  1. Dear Sir Ajaz! 😀

    Oh do cheer up, these mournful verses do not suit thee… 😀

    Your 158cm Magic Maker!
    Mazzy 😀 😀 😀

    P.S. I would only reach as far as the base of her ankle bone! 😛

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      1. Indeed! Marriage/Wedding ofen bring’s Tear’s to our eyes and the person (Bride) who moves from one family to another just to bring happiness in both the families, But we ofen failed to understand the sacrifice, she makes for her family
        She plays so many roles in our life yet we fail to treat her well!! She was a daughter, a sister…. Later she becomes a lover,…..then a wife….n lastly a mother….so don’t worry, She will be doing f9….InshAllah happiness comes her way….

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