I just had a thought what blind men do? I mean.. we can see so its obvious that we have a better life or we can have better life.. but what about those guys who are just not able to see. When there is a power cut at night we go mad just because we can not see anything so just think what about those guys… I am not saying they don’t have vision.. no.. not at all.. they have but what I am saying is yesterday I tried 2 feel and understand their dreams… and all I could dream is just sounds!! No pictures. They don’t know how the apple looks like, they don’t know the difference between colors, they don’t know how things looks like… I just urge you all.. who are reading this post… just go to any blind person… you can find them if you want to… just have a beautiful friendship with that person.. try 2 feel the world in their way.. InshaAllah you will find a better life….

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56 thoughts on “A Blind Man’s Dream

  1. Ajaj you are a good man who tried to realise the life of blinds! We have been helping these people since last few days. My brother who is a designer has been trying to solve at least a problem by designing the things for them. My father, who is an author of a book on English Grammar, teaches them every week. He is in the process of making his book in Audio format for them. Just added to the context, not to show off our work!

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    1. First of all Thanku so much for dropping by my side…. Really you guys are awesome helping people who are in need n bring light in their lives…. Well! It would be my honour to let my word’s be something useful for other nways may I know the name of ur organisations…..

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  2. Such a wonderful thought! They would only recognize the kindness in a voice instead of the colour of the skin or beauty of the face. I had an opportunity to meet blind people when I was little. I had my music exams to be held in a blind school. And how beautifully one person among them was singing! Even if I was a kid then, I can never forget the music coming from his heart.

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  3. its nice to feel like this,,

    but we all should take this to another level by planning of eyes donation after death.

    I know its not a platform to discussing that, but just said because its a noble cause, and i have decided to do this !

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      1. It’s just Afzal, my brother … and likewise I am constantly amazed by your wonderful and thought provoking pieces. Thank you for sharing with us all and looking forward to more from your gifted pen … Stay well, brother ✊👍✌🐹😊🌻

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    1. Thanku so much for the words of wisdom…. Dear One indeed we need to open our hearts and try to bring about a chance in other life…well! I m just trying to do that through my word’s…. Stay safe…. Allah Hafiz

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