It’s hard 2 hold back those feelings 4 someone…. That we hav always held. 2 treat someone as just friend which in fact is very special….. 2 keep calm, through we are jealous…. 2 move on our own with an empty heart….2 smile even in the deepest pain…2 let go of the person U dreamed of…. To accept reality of being just friends…. N give up everything…. Although we still wanna give it a try….

Hopeless Romantic

PS photo credit :: Google

16 thoughts on “Just Friends

  1. Indeed! Some feeling can’t be express and are needed to be hidden in our heart But…..framing them into certain sentences wouldn’t express the exact depth of the feeling’s one has in mind….. it feels real when you know that you’re at least trying to express it somehow.

    Nways! Thanks for going through it…….



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