This post is dedicated to my Amma

               I came to this world, with the blessing of ur soul……nourished by ur intense affection & lots of love and care….. U influence me with ur thoughts and ideas……U hav been a reflection of Patience that’s endless even in storms and pain…….. I grew up with compassion absorb within…….to love every soul that come across my life’s stream….An image of Godliness, a rare sight of beauty, with a heart of devotion & duty……U hav lead a life of hardship and struggle, still adjusted in every situation with grace….. Ur life has been a blessing of God…. For us……. I will always tried to be the one you had perceived, The virtues I possess hav been ur gift ……. Sentimental and suave are the only jewels you keep, as I being the gem of ur life and wealth… I find myself wordless to describe Ur existence, for me you are the  source of my very own existence……

Your’s Son

Syed Ajaz Ahmed Nazir

PS the photo was clicked on my Birthday:: 03-05-1993


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