Dated : 04-05-2016

I want my life back… but I don’t. Well It doesn’t make any sense. I still miss her n that’s hurt….. I can have grief waves where her absence makes me wonder how I’ll survive another minute without her. It’s so complicated… being on the verge of “LIFE IS AWESOME” while still being pulled by “BRING HER BAAAACK!” Thatz the weird thought… the missing never stops. The memories still fresh. The pain still hurts.

Hopeless Romantic

PS photo credit:: Google


35 thoughts on “Afu Diary #17

  1. Dear Sir Ajaz! 😀

    Please clarify something for me because the conundrum of it all is threatening to short-circuit my delicate fuse box! If the lady in the photograph is indeed toiling in grief and sadness then why on Pete’s sake (British slang!) is she pouting her lips in a way that shares a very disconcerting and uncanny resemblance to my meandering obese goldfish, Mr Banku? Over to you, Watson! 😛

    I am truly SHERLOCKED!
    Mazzy 😀 😀 😀

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    1. Hahaha…. My Dear Watson! Ur Banku is lost in someone thought, someone who was the world for him… In simple words….
      “Its very easy to fall in love, difficult to understand it…. Departure ofen bring’s pain in our lives”

      Your Banku🤓

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      1. Dear Sir Ajaz! 😀

        Little wonder the water in the fishbowl went ‘plop’ several times today! 😛

        Do you love your mother? Yes, right? How many times in the day do you devote yourself to trying to understand that….? 🙂

        Ready when you are Finn! Plop, plop!
        Mazzy 😀 😀 😀

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  2. When you give your heart to someone, and they give it back, there’s an ache that comes with it — almost like the person’s fingerprint. It takes time to allow that print to fade. Beautiful words, as always! xo

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