Amit N Jyoti Conversion #07


Amit n Jyoti were in a relationship for the past 5 year….n still things haven’t changed much….

Surprisingly, Amit was never offended by anything Jyoti said or did. In many ways, Jyoti felt that Amit was her perfect match. But, she knew she can nevr be in love with him, but she really liked him a lot. She enjoyed his company, his conversations, his lovemaking and everything else about him. For the first time, she was fully comfortable in a relationship.

She looked at his sleeping figure on her bed and smiled to herself. He turned over and opened one sleepy eye, and grinned at her. She grinned back. “Sleep”, she whispered softly to him and went into the living room to watch TV for sometime.

He got up from bed sleepily and followed her into the living room and sat next to her on the couch, holding her close.

Amit :: “I’m going to miss you Jyoti, I don’t know how I will manage these 3 Years without you”

Jyoti :: “Actually, I think U are going to forget me by the time I return” (Laughing)

Amit :: “Promise me you won’t ditch me for some Delhiwala”

Jyoti :: “That, I cannot promise”

PS photo credit :: Google


26 thoughts on “Amit N Jyoti Conversion #07

      1. Well! I like to pinned down every interesting events that even happened in my life…..well U can also say like I want to preserve those memories in my word’s… Well the conversation I wrote today happened last year on this day….😝😝😝

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      2. Yeah they are personal what you write.but they are really nice 🙂 I love to write stuff like those too.but somehow I don’t always pen them down.I get lazy sometimes and sometimes the inspiration obtained is simply not enough 😀

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    1. Hey!! Akhila…. firstly I m so sorry I couldn’t reply U earlier I was actually quite busy for the last few months n the worst part my phone got crashed n lost two of my account nways now everything seems to working f9 n I’m back in action😝

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