Dated : 03-08-2016

This Morning I got a notified from WordPress that, I have completed two yrs of Blogging…


                 Wow!! I just completed 2 years of memorable blogging, It was really a wonderful journey for me through out this year……. I was introduced in to blogging, 4 years back, I first tried my hand on Google Blogger…..So, I started a small blog with ‘Poetry’ as a theme and as the web name. The blog was running f9, But once I had a software issue (I tried to use a custom theme) pinged on my system and eventually I had no other option but switch to WordPress ………  And this is how this Incredible Journey begin

                     So, This are some of my achievements so far in this world!!!

Total number of posts: 240

Categories: 14

Tags: 36

All time hits: 16,083

Comments: 1,994

Likes : 9123

Day I got the max views: 29th April 2016 (269 views)

Well, Now  I’m universally connected to many people around the world via this digital world, which can definitely be considered as one of the most prominent achievement I have achieve here. Few among them are too close to me after getting connected through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gtalk, and in short through few other messengers.

Chandani, Syeda, Nisha, Rose, Mazzy, Dhiraj, Akhila, Sumit, Daisy, Monica, Tanushree…etc…and the list go on and on. These are some of the names coming to my mind at first whenever I think about blogging. I’m obliged to have you all here, Folks.❤:)

Once again, I would like to thank all my fellow Bloggers, Friends and Dear Once for encouraging me all these days with Ur sincere likes & comments in my blog post!! I guess, sometime we run out of words to express our feelings through 2 or 3 words. You know, We ofen failed to express the exact human emotions well……………

Love U all,

Syed Ajaz Ahmed Nazir


37 thoughts on “2nd Year Anniversary on WordPress🎉🎉🎉

    1. Thanks a ton, Firefly! 🐝 I’m so blessed and lucky to have U here in this world of word’s😇. We’ll definitely keep up our friendship in the upcoming years as well and be in touch for sure. Hope you are doing well there. God bless. Cheers.\m/😝



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  1. Dear Sir Ajaz! 😃🌟

    Oh my, I have only just noticed that you have cited my humble name in among the tributary list, that is awfully kind of you! 😋 May your writing take you to new heights, beyond the conventional blanket of the earthen stratosphere, impressively way over past Planet 9! Giggle! 😜 I, too, am about to embark on an exciting adventure, and I shall dutifully, when time permits, post unseen storytelling treats here in WordPress. Very soon my Facebook and Twitter accounts shall be deactivated and left in hibernation for the next year or so, however, you are more than welcome to send in comments via this platform! 😊

    God bless you, always
    Mazzy 🌟🍭🌠

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    1. Dearest MazzY,
      First of all plz accept my apology, I’m so sorry to reply U so late….. I really had a hard time dealing with my problem that I simple thought of leaving this platform for good but now everything seems to be at its place and I’m back for good with new story….. I really miss U all guys…. N special Ur magical fantasy of word’s… Filled with stories like any other…. N moreover did I miss Ur birthday!!!

      Hopeless Romentic


    2. Dear
      Miss Mazzy,

      First of all thank you so much 4 those delightful words…… 🙂 Ma’am….. In fact, you’re a miracle, who has the potential to create stories beyond imagination through ur word’s….. Let it be whatever… Accept the fact that you’re too good at blogging, and I loved going through ur blog…. May the magic in ur hand’s always shine….

      God bless.

      P.S. I hope you don’t mind getting back after a huge delay of time.


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