My Addiction

Everytime I’m online I ofen try to be optimistic about the way in which internet seems to colonizing our mind and body. In it’s current state a massive change is taking place in our live and the ways in which we spend our time. Well! I have realize that at this point it may be an unavoidable change but as soon as previous generations and my generation die out, existing in these cyber world will be the normal. But I can not help but wonder if the paradox that most of us are experiencing at this point in our lives has enormous consequences for our personal freedom, our planet, our mental health, our physical health, our intimate and personal relationships, our imagination and so on….. It seems to be so that the more and more we are online the more and more we become isolated from all these things…. 

PS :: photo credit Google

16 thoughts on “My Addiction

  1. I think man will create god when the internet become sentient. I hope I live long enough to be downloaded into facebook and avoid everyone. The only problem is whether the duplicate on the computer is actually you or just a clone of yourself. I dont know what a digital ego would be like.

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