Last Letter

“U gave me that kind of feeling that I can now write a book on it”

Dearest Cutu,

            Maybe we were nevr meant to be together, Sadly!! But it’s true…., even though we always had something for each other but we nevr manager to get things right….

              So, my Dear…. I want you to take care of Urself, and do well in ur life….for I won’t be there anymore to support you or be there for you….

               I know it’s hurt!! Just thinking of not having you by my side……But when something’s are not meant to be…. They really are not….

                So, I guess I can’t force you to love me anymore….. Right Cutu ๐Ÿ’”



3 thoughts on “Last Letter

  1. Hiee.. Ajaz.. I love the way you have portrayed your feelings in the most simplest way about a relationship which has no future. Just want to give some positive feedback on your article buddy. I feel if you need to concentrate on your grammar bit an try to improvise on that end, you will surely go far. Just need some polishing. Take care ๐Ÿ™‚

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