Toxic Relationship #01

Dated 30-12-16

So many questions cross my mind. I felt torn by doubts and jealousy. Why was I feeling jealous, I did’t really know. All these words were just words of few syllables so far to me, jealousy, love, possessiveness, doubts, longing, etc. but now I was actually feeling some of these feelings. Where was I heading? There must have been other people too in her life. This thought drove me crazy, though I did not know why. Will I ever know?

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My Bullet Rani

My Bullet Rani

I was at my work when I saw her for the first time…… For a second I wasn’t sure if it was true, but the closer I stared the more I wanted to believe that this could not be a figment of my imagination. Yes!! She was riding a cruiser, wearing a black helmet and talking on a cell phone. I stood up from my desk and followed her with my eyes as much as I could through the window, but as I ran outside to see more of her, she was gone the moment I made it to the street….  As quickly as she had appeared. My afternoon of typing up resumes and looking for jobs on the internet was suddenly stimulated to life by a brief sighting of that  beauty …. Now what more could I have asked for? She could not be a day over twenties, her hair caressed the air like paper floating through the wind and her body was sculpted like a fine work of art. I had difficulty returning to my desk that afternoon because I wanted to see more. My heart rate was speeded up and suddenly I felt a sexual feeling that I had gone so long without. When I finally returned to my desk to resume my dreary task of looking for work- I was almost depressed by the thought that my Bullet Rani was forever gone.

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