Toxic Relationship #01

Dated 30-12-16

So many questions cross my mind. I felt torn by doubts and jealousy. Why was I feeling jealous, I did’t really know. All these words were just words of few syllables so far to me, jealousy, love, possessiveness, doubts, longing, etc. but now I was actually feeling some of these feelings. Where was I heading? There must have been other people too in her life. This thought drove me crazy, though I did not know why. Will I ever know?

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My Bullet Rani

My Bullet Rani

I was at my work when I saw her for the first time…… For a second I wasn’t sure if it was true, but the closer I stared the more I wanted to believe that this could not be a figment of my imagination. Yes!! She was riding a cruiser, wearing a black helmet and talking on a cell phone. I stood up from my desk and followed her with my eyes as much as I could through the window, but as I ran outside to see more of her, she was gone the moment I made it to the street….  As quickly as she had appeared. My afternoon of typing up resumes and looking for jobs on the internet was suddenly stimulated to life by a brief sighting of that  beauty …. Now what more could I have asked for? She could not be a day over twenties, her hair caressed the air like paper floating through the wind and her body was sculpted like a fine work of art. I had difficulty returning to my desk that afternoon because I wanted to see more. My heart rate was speeded up and suddenly I felt a sexual feeling that I had gone so long without. When I finally returned to my desk to resume my dreary task of looking for work- I was almost depressed by the thought that my Bullet Rani was forever gone.

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Last Letter

“U gave me that kind of feeling that I can now write a book on it”

Dearest Cutu,

            Maybe we were nevr meant to be together, Sadly!! But it’s true…., even though we always had something for each other but we nevr manager to get things right….

              So, my Dear…. I want you to take care of Urself, and do well in ur life….for I won’t be there anymore to support you or be there for you….

               I know it’s hurt!! Just thinking of not having you by my side……But when something’s are not meant to be…. They really are not….

                So, I guess I can’t force you to love me anymore….. Right Cutu 💔



Amit N Jyoti’s Conversation..#08


Dated :: 16-05-2016

Well! It was just a week ago I saw her in my Contect list….But still got no idea why hav I msz her……that night

The Fight

I was feeling angry that day……and when I got her msz I was even more upset…..and when I saw her online….. I felt like blocking her for good, well its was very clear. there’s no place for a girl in my life…. N moreover there was nothing common between us but still… why was I thinking about her? Why? People say writing ur feelings in a paper gives us clarity…. Well I thought of trying it out….But still I don’t know why but there was just one thought on my mind….I need to talk to her…..just once… there was something that was bothering me….. N this was something that wasn’t …. Right

An Unseen Pain


Looking at her starving face, I could see her unhappiness I feel sad N thought for a second how deeply do I know her! Sitting on 0ne side of the footpath, Least bothered about the person passes by, Begging hardly on that sunny noon, Either for food or money, Does it mean a lot to her life? Perhaps, it’s a kind of timely escape from her regular concerns. She may have a family like us, eagerly waiting for her to reach back home safely!

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Amit N Jyoti Conversion #07


Amit n Jyoti were in a relationship for the past 5 year….n still things haven’t changed much….

Surprisingly, Amit was never offended by anything Jyoti said or did. In many ways, Jyoti felt that Amit was her perfect match. But, she knew she can nevr be in love with him, but she really liked him a lot. She enjoyed his company, his conversations, his lovemaking and everything else about him. For the first time, she was fully comfortable in a relationship.

She looked at his sleeping figure on her bed and smiled to herself. He turned over and opened one sleepy eye, and grinned at her. She grinned back. “Sleep”, she whispered softly to him and went into the living room to watch TV for sometime.

He got up from bed sleepily and followed her into the living room and sat next to her on the couch, holding her close.

Amit :: “I’m going to miss you Jyoti, I don’t know how I will manage these 3 Years without you”

Jyoti :: “Actually, I think U are going to forget me by the time I return” (Laughing)

Amit :: “Promise me you won’t ditch me for some Delhiwala”

Jyoti :: “That, I cannot promise”

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Afu Diary #17

Afu Diary #17

Dated : 04-05-2016

I want my life back… but I don’t. Well It doesn’t make any sense. I still miss her n that’s hurt….. I can have grief waves where her absence makes me wonder how I’ll survive another minute without her. It’s so complicated… being on the verge of “LIFE IS AWESOME” while still being pulled by “BRING HER BAAAACK!” Thatz the weird thought… the missing never stops. The memories still fresh. The pain still hurts.

Hopeless Romantic

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Happy Mothers Days (Amma)

Happy Mothers Days (Amma)

 This post is dedicated to my Amma

               I came to this world, with the blessing of ur soul……nourished by ur intense affection & lots of love and care….. U influence me with ur thoughts and ideas……U hav been a reflection of Patience that’s endless even in storms and pain…….. I grew up with compassion absorb within…….to love every soul that come across my life’s stream….An image of Godliness, a rare sight of beauty, with a heart of devotion & duty……U hav lead a life of hardship and struggle, still adjusted in every situation with grace….. Ur life has been a blessing of God…. For us……. I will always tried to be the one you had perceived, The virtues I possess hav been ur gift ……. Sentimental and suave are the only jewels you keep, as I being the gem of ur life and wealth… I find myself wordless to describe Ur existence, for me you are the  source of my very own existence……

Your’s Son

Syed Ajaz Ahmed Nazir

PS the photo was clicked on my Birthday:: 03-05-1993