Something more…….

Something more…….

I want to rise up from this loneliness….

Filled with hate and ignorance…

I want to find my way to something new…

Filled with love and true…..

I have been living in this skin for so long

Now! I just want to move on…..

I want to love, but….

Time has been so cruel to me……

Its like walking on the edge of a knife…..

Just like drowning in an endless sea…

In the end! There is nobody else but me….

All I wish life had something more to give….

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To my Valentine ;)

To my Valentine ;)

Well! Things are not the same anymore,

I guess I expected too much from u Afu!!

As I sit here, contemplate with butterflies inside!

It’s time to toss all hang – ups aside,

As I muster the courage to tell you……

Things I really miss now…..

Your long hair, ur smile, ur voice and the most importantly You…..

Within the vast regions of my mind…..

I search high and low but can’t f9 U…..

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Love UnLove #03

Love UnLove #03

PS: This post is the continuation of Love UnLove‘’ short story series and those who haven’t read the early part can check it here…

Jyoti :: “Do you think I am good looking?”

Rahul :: ‘Hmm what?” (looking confused)

Jyoti :: “I asked do you think I am good looking? Oh! Never mind, just make sure that Alok does his math homework?

Rahul :: “Why? Is he having problems?”

Jyoti :: “You know he is not good at Math, come on Rahul help him out will you?” (feeling frustrated)

Rahul :: “Okay”

Both father and son settled in front of the TV to do the math homework. Jyoti had to restrain herself from grabbing the remote and switching off the TV.

Jyoti :: “Rubi! Please stop chatting on the phone and help me set the table!!”

Rubi :: “Oh! Mom, I have homework to do and I also have a test tomorrow, can you not ask Alok to do it?”

Jyoti :: “In that case, give me your phone and get along with your studies”

Rubi walked up to her with a sulky look and put the phone down on the table and walked away in a huff. As Jyoti worked at getting dinner on the table, she reflected on her day. In the bustle of her household activities it was very easy to forget about her silly crush. In fact she had even convinced herself that it was a momentary aberration. She told herself she was too sensible to let her mind wander. She managed to convince herself that Amit was a good 12-13 years younger than her and she should think of him as a youngster and not harbor such feelings for him.

To be continued…..

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Afu Diary #06


Dated: 16-12-2015

Yesterday I call her up just to make sure she is ok…..

This voice was so familiar… I had heard this voice before and it had a special place in my mind and ears. I would recognize it even after I were dead.

Afu : “hello, is that you?” she asked.
Me : “I’m…” I smiled again, but my heart had a different answer “No, I’m just a broken and shattered version who once was yours.. .” but since heart is a dumb machine… so no one notices what it says, often. It keeps all the pain inside… which heap up with each passing day explosions occur inside it every day but unlike atomic bombs it’s explosions produce sound similar to a feather when falling on the ground – though it’s explosiveness are much more dangerous and they completely destroy even the strongest mechanical human that surrounds this weak, delicate emotion house……well I wish I could tell her this…but ha…ha…

Well!! That day I could now realize how much pain a broken heart can give. I didn’t hear from her since, but every night before I go to my bed, I lock the door of my room as a routine, take out a photograph of us together’, and sleep watching her every night, rolling tear drops on my pillow, and waking up in the morning with first glance at her coupled with a smile… looking at her… just her… and just to say “I Love You” to the one I loved.
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