Last words….

Last words….

Is there anything in ur mind?

I wonder sitting here in this thin air

Just 2 hear ur voice….

Which strike my mind

I wonder if you miss me too

At times smelling the night

Gazing thru my window the stars

Wish you were not far

If tomorrow never comes

My feelings fail to show you

How will you ever know?

Just how much I love you….

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Unknown Pain

Unknown Pain

An unknown feeling of sadness

Keeps punch me with pain that’s endless

I’m with me and myself alone

Without you my life is hopeless

The amount of the need I have

Always let my heart misbehave

That’s hurting me to the core

When I can’t see you more & more

The injury my heart had caused

It’s too late for the bleed to pause

But silently I’m prayed to be blessed

Waiting to hold you in my arms

I need you not only when I’m alone

Or even when you are on phone

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